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Nampharm Foundation

Hand in Hand in Hope

Every child deserves to smile without limitations! At Nampharm Foundation we strive to provide medical treatment to the children of Namibia who need it the most. 

Together we can transform lives, unlock bright futures and ensure that no child has to live with unnecessary physical and emotional pain because they were born without the resources to access adequate medical care. 

Nampharm Foundation
Who Are We

Empathy & Love

Established in 2005 and still going strong, with an excellent team of medical staff and admin.

Making A Difference

Focused on Vulnerable Namibian Children in need of medical treatment.

Offering Hope

Since 2009, the only charity organization offering free facial reconstruction surgery.

Would you like to create a positive and lasting impact on the world? Then consider supporting our efforts.

Join us in our efforts to help our community.

Creating bright smiles and brighter futures

Every day we experience how strong the human spirit can be. We hear courage in the voices of parents asking for help, we see compassion in the eyes of doctors, dentists, and nurses who skillfully perform life-changing surgeries, and we witness joy in the smiles of the children who grow up to be happy, healthy members of society.

The Nampharm Foundation was created to address the needs of children who are unable to access the expensive medical care they require. By providing free facial reconstructive surgery to vulnerable kids, we can help level the playing field and give every child a fair chance to lead a fulfilling life

Nampharm Foundation kids after surgery
Nampharm Foundation cleft lip
What causes Cleft Lips and Cleft Palates?

At present, Namibia has not conducted any research into the root causes of these conditions within its borders. These conditions typically appear as solitary birth defects, yet they can also be linked to numerous inherited genetic conditions or syndromes. Experts posit that the majority of cleft lip and cleft palate instances arise from a combination of genetic and environmental influences, however, this hypothesis has yet to be definitively proven.

Inspiring Stories


We are so happy and grateful to receive annual sponsorships and long-term commitments from 
our supporters, namely, Ministry of Health and Social Services, Rhino Park Private Hospital, 
First National Bank, Standard Bank , the NAMDIA Foundation, Checkers and Nampharm

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